Thursday, January 9, 2014

Where's the Time?!?

So I am quickly realizing that juggling school, working nightshift, maintaining (who am I kidding) trying to get my house clean and organized before we drown in dirty laundry, trying to spend time with my husband and sweet furbabies, making lists of all the books I want to read, and all the things that go into creating a healthy lifestyle... makes blogging regularly just a little bit difficult.  Which I tell myself is fine... for my precious audience of 4, I love you all by the way :), but honestly, I really enjoy the blogging world and want to be a part of it, so I need to put the time and effort into posts and link ups, I just need to find a balance.. and an extra 12 hours in a day, I could work with that.  

In the meantime, I will continue to be random for you're reading enjoyment.  Here is what you missed since I've been away.  It will change your life I know.

I went full on Nerd Girl and became OBSESSED with Game of Thrones... like we have been re-watching all 3 seasons in the evening and then when we go to bed at night I read the books.  When I can't be reading the books I think about how much I want to read the books.  We use Game of Thrones quotes and lingo in conversation... it has really just gone way to far as of late.  I can't wait til the new season starts in April!!!!
Best show EVER!!!!!!!!!!
Effin DRAGONS!!!!
School started this week, and I am once again asking myself why I wanted to do this... then I go to work and remember why :)  I'm sure it will all be fine in a couple of weeks once the flood of info stops pouring in and my freaking textbooks arrive!!!! Yea, I don't even have my books yet.  I ordered them on from on December 26 and was told before I purchased that they should arrive by the 8th.  Not so much on the confirmation email, which says it could be anywhere between the 8th and 21st WTF?!?!  I tried contacting my sellers, and of course, no reply.  That's what I get for trying to save money I guess.  Fingers crossed they come in soon or I may have an anxiety attack :)
Preach it, Grumpy Cat!
On a fun note.  My adorable case for my new phone came in and I am in love with it.  I have never had a cute phone case before since I have never had an iPhone and apparently you can only have cute shit for an iPhone? Thank goodness for Etsy!  Now my Galaxy S4 is not only safe, but as precious as a phone can be!
Displaying IMG_20140109_081826.jpg
the picture wouldn't rotate..... womp womp
And the best part of my week? I finally started Crossfit!!!!  I have been pumped for a month about starting and Monday was my first 101 class.  I will be in that class for 4 weeks learning all the basics and being that awkward girl with a PVC pipe, and I am so okay with that.  I go 3 times a week and get my ass kicked.  I went Monday morning and then took a nap before work and actually felt pretty good.  I went Tuesday morning after work and when I woke up for work that night I could barely move!  I wanted to cry every time I had to bend down, re-position a patient, pee, or hell even walk.  But I can honestly say it felt AMAZING to be so sore!  I know that I am going to grow to love Crossfit.  I need someone pushing me out of what is comfortable and forcing me to challenge myself.  The coaches and people are so nice and welcoming, and I have not felt judged for my weight once.  I know this is only the first week, but I have a good feeling.

At Crossfit, everyday is leg day!

I also started logging into MFP again.  It worked when I used it in the past, but once I moved away from lean cuisines and other foods that I could easily scan, it kind of became a pain in the ass so I gradually just stopped.  My eating has been on point (is that still a relevant phrase) this week and I really have meal planning to thank for that.... just stop being lazy and DO IT!

I joined a weight loss challenge at work even though I really didn't want to.... peer pressure sucks.  It was a $25 buy in and whoever loses the highest percentage of body weight by March 31st wins.  Most people love a work challenge, but not this girl.  I am too competitive..... I fully support the "If you're not first, you're last" lifestyle.  I was raised that way.  I wasn't even allowed to win Candy Land or Pretty Pretty Princess without earning it.  Therefore I go hardcore at everything competitive.  Also, there are too many penises in the competition and we all know how quick they can drop the pounds... so come March I will likely be thinking about  what I would have bought from Home Goods had I not wasted that $25 
I'm pretty sure this is a direct quote from myself

Welp, I am off to my last Crossfit class for the week!!!  Here's to hoping I can sit down to pee later on!!!

Lots of love!

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  1. I feel the same way about CF... I think it's the start of an amazing thing for us! My coach, and it sounds like yours too, is just incredible... not once have I felt judged by him or any of the others that go there. They simply do NOT see any of my flaws, only strengths... simply amazing. I'm SO glad to be on this journey with you and I can't wait to see where it takes us over the next several months!