Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Musings

It's Monday folks!

It may just be me and my crazy work schedule, but the days of the week don't really seem to mean as much as the used to.  Mondays used to mean the end of fun, sitting in class and studying all week, and weekends used to rock.. bonfires, dinner with friends, shopping.... the kind where you actually get to buy shit, staying up past 11, and actually taking off your sweat pants.  Now weekends have kind of just turned into the rest of the week.... damn you adulthood with your full time job, bills, responsibilities, lack of time for naps, and decreased alcohol tolerance!
Story of my life

Speaking of which, How was your weekend?

Mine started off with a bang.  I had to work Friday night, where I was reminded of several things.  Firstly, I was reminded of why I do what I do.  Yes, I do complain about my job a lot, I got into nursing for the medicine aspect, I never claimed to be a big lover of people who know more than I do because they Googled something, whining about how you are "thirsting to death" because you can't have water (even though you just had a massive surgery that saved your life) and other various silly complaints about how we are all trying to destroy you, giving bed baths or cleaning up shit that is literally dripping off the end of the bed (this is real life people).  But when I do actually participate in truly saving a life, my job can't be beat.  Yes, it was a long night.  I literally did not leave my patient's room for over 8 hours (even though I had to pee before I even got to work... damn you water!),  I wanted to yell at people, I didn't eat the entire shift, and I had to report off the the bitchiest nitpicking nurse possible (Hello, bitch, the patient was dead! So what if I forgot to add a new allergy that I discovered to the chart).  But at the end of the night,  a man who would have died without my care (along with some rockin' docs and other nurses) LIVED so that his wife could come sit by him and hold his hand and tell him to keep fighting because she can't be without him.  That is why I do what I do, and why I love it!  It also reminded me to hug everyone just a little tighter, you never know when it will be your last chance/

I didn't get my overtime shift on Saturday, so I got to have a low-key evening with the hubs.  YAY!!! We don't even get to talk to each other during my work stretches so entire evenings together are wonderful.

 We ate at Firehouse (bad bad girl) and watched Auburn beat Mizzou and secure a place in the National Championship (with a little help from Michigan St of course).  So here's to hoping for a 5th consecutive National Championship for the STATE of Alabama.  So here's a big War Eagle from this Bama fan! 

 We went to Best Buy where I was hoping to get some realistic Christmas ideas for my husband... he is a big techie/gamer/geek type and I have no clue this year.  Instead I got mixed signals about an Xbox One that I can neither find nor afford, and something about a video card (like I know what that is). What are some good man Christmas ideas for a low budget???  I did find some things to add to my wish list though.... too bad we are so poor this year, thanks wedding!

Then we went home, because we were never going to be able top a trip to Best Buy, so why even bother?  We sat on the couch and watched everyone's favorite Christmas movie.... Love Actually.  Idk why we all have declared this a Christmas movie. It was probably men so that they would only fall incredibly short of these amazing guys once a year (cue swooning over Hugh Grant and Colin Firth).  While You Were Sleeping is the same way.  I just love this movie!  I didn't realize how old it is until last night though, and it is always weird seeing other characters I love out of their element.  You know that guy that is in love with his best friend's wife?  That is Rick from the Walking Dead.  And Betty Draper (Mad Men) is one of those slutty girls in the bar, the porn star stand in guy is Bilbo Baggins, and the guy who cheats on his wife with his secretary is Professor Snape!!  My little mind was blown.  Anyways, I LOVE this movie, and it never fails to make me smile... and hate Ryan a little on the inside for not being romantic enough
I could probably quote every cheesy line in this movie... GAH!
Game of Thrones is my absolute FAVORITE show EVER, so I had to throw this in there
I also made our Christmas Card, but douche bag Walmart won't let me save the image to the desktop even after I pay for it.  I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to use their website and edit my card.  Our card is really cute and I was able to upgrade to a higher quality of paper, and was still about 50% less than on Shutterfly after using their 50% off coupon.  A dolla make me holla, y'all!

Sunday was filled with studying, meal planning, cleaning, prepping for the upcoming crazy week, and being an all around boring, rainy day... except for the hour that I spent catching up on Scandal..... HOLY SHIT!   I work my usual 3 nights, have a final on Tuesday, a possible overtime shift, a planned date night, and a Christmas lunch with my gal pals.  I'm going to try and cram some exercise in there, but I'm not going to kill myself if I don't make it happen.  This is my last week of school so there is plenty of time to get my life back on track in the next month!

So that was my exciting (said with a dripping side of sarcasm) weekend.  Coming up this week I've got my first weekly weigh in, a merging the holiday's crisis post, a wedding photo dump post, and I'll share my Christmas list with you!!

love always
~ jenn

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