Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wedding Photo Dump

Good morning y'all!!

Today is my last day to cram for my last final of the semseter, which means no time to blog.  Lucky for you, I have prepared a photo dump of some of my favorite wedding photos to share with you all.  Hope you enjoy the only day I have EVER appeared  slightly photogenic!

We had the best bridal party!  Ryan has been friends with these guys for over 15 years.  I had my sister, youngest cousin, and two oldest friends.  

We had a "bouquet building" where all the women at the wedding brought a flower up to my parents at the altar and my dad tied it before coming to walk me down the aisle.  My mom met us halfway, and when she handed it to me I said "wow, that's a big ass bouquet" apparently loud enough for several of the guests to hear.  Nothing but class here folks. 
No wedding ceremony of mine would be right without me ugly crying over the last line of my vows, and then saying "shit" once the tears started flowing.

Some of my AMAZING family!
 Cutting the most delicious cakes EVER made!!  And they FINALLY let the fat girl eat!

 During our first dance, we actually talked about how the song I chose was too fast, that we maybe should have taken dancing lessons or at least practiced something other than booty dancing in our kitchen.  Me and my dad basically stood there on the dance floor and cried.  He had chosen a song (There Goes My Life, by Kenny Chesney) and my mom said no way, that was not an appropriate song. FYI- I was neither a teen pregnancy nor an unwanted pregnancy, my mother would want you to know that.   I played it anyways, and he effing lost it.  For the record, it is impossible to see your dad cry and not burst into the ultimate ugly cry yourself.  I couldn't have my mom feeling left out, so I had the DJ surprise her with her favorite song.  We had joked about a mother/daughter dance since we are amazing choreographers... you know in Napoleon Dynamite when they have the signing club? they were inspired by my mom and I, you are welcome.

Just some of our AMAZING decorations!  My grandpa made our cake stand and all the wood for centerpieces.... like the engineer overachiever that he is, it was beyond perfect and way more than I had asked for.  I made the wookie cookies and those sad little things that resemble C3PO.  The C3POs later made a sad robot graveyard in the trash can.... apparently they were too ugly to eat.  Joke's on you, bitches... they were mega stuffed oreos dipped in chocolate.... YUM!  We had an ice cream sundae bar and candy table complete with Yankee Candle Car Jars... they were a hit. 
 So these may need some explanation....  From the top right.  I obviously can't dance without looking at someone else feet.  light sabers for the win. Wrecking Ball is our JAM.  I apparently thought I could snort the cake like a pile of coke.  White people can't dance... What you don't dance with your grandmother while holding a beer?  
 Starting with the big picture.... again, light sabers were the best money spent on this wedding.  What does the fox say? Yes, we have horrible tastes in music... don't you dare judge me. We still line up to dance like in middle school.  And the bouquet toss!!  I accidentally cropped her out of the first pic where she is putting her back in preparation. 
And this guy.... his girlfriend caught the bouquet!! And yes, twerking is our move... again, white people.  Just be happy we weren't licking things. 

So, basically now you were at my wedding!  And if you think you were overwhelmed with pics, just know there were 1,000 so it could have been worse for you.  Thanks for looking at them! 


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  1. These are all so awesome, love them... and you looked amazing! <3