Thursday, December 12, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday.... Thursday??

Hey, what day is it?!?!?  

This will NEVER get old to me!!!
Yea, I know it's Thursday now, but I had this post ready going into finals, but with the craziness of the week, I wasn't able to get this posted yesterday, so let's just pretend mmmmkay?

I have always weighed myself on Wednesdays,  I guess because that is when everyone else weighed in and I was too much of a chicken to weigh in on Mondays.  I am really debating moving this to Monday, to help me stay accountable during the weekends since that is when I am usually more likely to derail.

This is my first official weigh in since getting back on track.  Last week I was at 242.6 lbs (and crying on the floor of my closet when I had to try and dig out my fat scrubs for work.. which I sold in a garage sale)  This week I am at 239.2.  So I am down 3.4 lbs!!!  I will definitely take that

Overall, last week was a win.  I was able to eat clean most days and increased my water drinkage, I did have a couple slips, but we all do, and I was able to get right back on track. For me that is a win.  I did not get back into exercise, and I hate that, but these couple of weeks have been a shit storm of work and finals, so while I am disappointed, I am not completely beating myself up over it.  The semester is officially over, and that gives me time to get back into a workout routine, clean my house, and get my life organized and prepared for success!  I am the type of person who does better in a routine, and the past 6 months have been anything but routine!

How did you guys do this week? 


  1. That's awesome... a good loss to get you going! Now if I could only get back on track with you and just keep going!!