Thursday, December 19, 2013

All I Want for Christmas

Hello lovlies!

So now that finals are over it is officially CHRISTMAS for me!  Christmas is my favorite time of the year... is there anyone who doesn't love it?  They suck at life... 

With the wedding taking up most of my free time, energy, and money this year Christmas is definitely going to be on a much smaller scale this year presents wise.  Which is nice, because we instead will be focusing on what it should really be about, spending time with the people we love most in the world and enjoying the blessings we have been given.  I do love to buy and wrap Christmas presents though, so it is hard for me at times to not be spending next months house payment of crazy amounts of gifts, but I am dealing.  I am planning on doing some small gifts to hopefully save some money, and baking Christmas cookies to share with neighbors and co-workers.   

The most challenging part about Christmas this year will be how to best combine our family traditions without cutting anyone out.  In our 8 years together we have never spent Christmas with each other's family.  Usually Ryan would come to my parents after everything was over on Christmas night and we would exchange gifts.  We both just were kind of selfish in not wanting to give up time with our own family. Now, we don't have  choice, so I get the lovely task of arranging our Christmas schedule.  We both are only off on Christmas Eve and Day which means a rushed, exhausting, probably irritable 2 days filled with 4 hours round trip driving... sounds like fun doesn't it?!?!?  Yea, NO!  I am just hoping we can get all the families to cooperate with our cramped schedule!

So, even though we aren't doing much as far as gifts go this year, I still have been a very good girl, and all girls come with a wish list so here it goes

Nook HD

I have the original Nook Color, so I feel like it is time for an upgrade, plus these seem to have a few more tablet-like features rather than just being a reader.   AND it is white, which makes it cuter than mine.

Riding boots

I probably want this item more than anything this year!  I have been wanting boots all year, but with saving for the wedding, I have never been able to justify spending the money.  So I am REALLY hoping for a pair for Christmas.

I'd love to have either a Fit Bit zip or a Garmin to help me track my fitness-ness and help me stay motivated


     Not really a want, but a need.  We currently have a crappy little bissel vacuum and with 3 pets, I am emptying that bitch constantly!  

I really want to do something like this on a wall in our living room and over our bed when we redecorate our house this year (that is a WHOLE other series of posts) so I will be needing lost of funky frames in a variety of sizes.

I'm sure I could make this a never ending list, but these are the top focuses for Santa this year!  

What are your top wishes for Christmas?

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  1. Love love love those boots so much... too bad my calves are wayy too chunky! I hope you get them and I can just be envious over here :)